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Successful cooperation is our common goal. Therefore, it is important that the work cultures, yours and ours, coincide

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Our process

We handle your projects using proven agile methods that are designed to keep all stakeholders (even non-technical ones) aligned. Our workflow strengthens collaboration and accelerates projects to achieve even the most ambitious goals.

1. Workshop

Spend some time with us reviewing your business requirements and how we can agree on time, cost and team estimates.

  • Planning session

  • Price estimate

  • Technology selection

  • Business analysis

  • Team planning

  • User stories

Prospective value

Attend a full-day scoping session where we will understand your business and give you a rough idea of the time, cost and team size involved in building your project.

  • Save money and better plan your budget and activities.

  • Consult your ideas with senior business developers and project managers.

  • Generate value by looking at real data.

2. Kickoff

Meet your Beecommerce team members and dedicated project manager, and integrate individuals into your preferred messenger channels and project management tools.

  • Get to know your team

  • Set up communications

  • Start the project

We focus on engagement and communication

During the launch week, we establish the tools and systems needed to get the job done smoothly: communications, issue trackers, project management software, test plans and implementation procedures.

  • Set up the development environment

  • Establish appropriate tools and technologies

  • Create a list of functionalities to be designed and developed

3. Functional mockup

Our front-end team provides UX and UI mockups of your website or application. The design phase includes visualization of your ideas and conceptualization of navigation, structure and interaction experience.

Areas of work:

  • Demo mockups

  • UX/UI and user journey

  • Clickable or tactile prototypes

4. Development

Our developers work in a Kanban model, with elements of agile work like daily. Planning meetings help us maintain the pace of projects and build trust within the team.

The off-the-shelf components we use, especially open source code, do the most tedious work virtually out of the box, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time - saving time, money and increasing the cost effectiveness of the project.

5. Maintenance and development

We launch your project into the production environment! But that doesn't have to, and shouldn't, mean changes to your product. We provide all the essentials to make sure your project is safe, serviced and ready to scale at any time.

  • bug fix

  • maintenance and SLA

  • product development

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