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B2C sales of agricultural products and fertilizers


The client was looking for a stable and scalable e-commerce solution that could handle multiple shopping scenarios and an ever-growing base of tens of thousands of SKUs. Continuous support in scaling e-commerce projects and integrations with tools dedicated to B2C sales was essential.

Project requirements

  • fast and cost-effective scalability

  • ease of system integration

  • custom frontend

  • use of modern technologies

Our role in the project pre-implementation audit

  • website Adobe XD prototype

  • frontend development using technology

  • Magento 2 Community Edition configuration and integration with ERP and WMS

  • building and maintaining server architecture

  • ongoing support in contacts with other suppliers

  • implementing SEO recommendations

  • implementing web analytics + GA4

Key requirements

The project assumed, above all, improvements in the User Experience and facilitation of the ordering process by shop employees. The client expected a complete re-design of the old shop, making mockups dedicated for mobile devices and maximally shortening the shopping process. He also decided to reorganize products from simple to configurable products with variants. An important aspect was also consulting on the configuration of infrastructure and integration so as to enable sales on marketplaces and comparison sites.

Improving SEO

The previous engine didn't give the team full freedom to work on SEO optimization.

UX Friendliness

The site was supposed to be redesigned from scratch using best market practices

Content migration

Planning, and conduction full migration from the previous SaaS e-commerce provider. Migration blog content over GraphQL API

Long-term maintenance

In addition to the initial implementation, it was important for the project to provide ongoing rapid development support

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We have proven that Headless works well in any industry, including the more traditional ones. We've achieved this through a highly optimized product management structure, the speed of the site under heavy load, and an industry-tailored way of presenting products.

Key custom features

In this project, a lot of work was required to adapt the open source code to the business requirements. In addition, a lot of functionality was done as additional custom Magento 2 modules and VueStorefront code extensions.

PWA mobile-first frontend

Fast and efficient frontend focused on running on phones. Full resource scaling optimization, CDN, multi-tier caching.

Replacements and bundles

We also added the functionality of assigning to products their replacements and its graphical visualization on the product card and dedicated slider.

The same with products sold in sets.

The customer can easily move to the relevant sections thanks to the anchors at the bottom of the product card.

Product card

The specifics of the industry require a lot of product information. The product card contains data on, among other things, crop groups, active substance or intended use, and capacity variants. We have optimized its appearance and structure so that it is functional and user-friendly.


The size and weight of some products made it impossible to ship them by standard methods. We have added pallet shipments and limited delivery methods per product.

Agrosimex aims to maintain its position as a leader in retail sales on the Polish market by betting on continued growth of the online sales channel. Key, in addition to sales on marketplaces, is the development of its own strong ecommerce brand and the consolidation of educational content within the domain.

Challenges and solutions

Consolidation of blog content


  • increase SEO visibility

  • unification of educational messages, to one strong domain

  • easier content management

  • control over the quality of educational content


  • Moving the blog content and Landing Pages to the domain structure. Thanks to the use of GraphQL, Wordpres posts were integrated into the Headless frontend of in an invisible way for the user

  • As part of the test, some external content was embedded within a new folder, along with a full reconfiguration of the router and source WordPress system

  • The external Landing Pages were cleverly zaembed within the structure of the store, thus maintaining full edibility of these pages in the external tool.

Integration with external government databases

Example: the Dosage tab in the product


  • The legally mandated need to present the current composition of crop protection products

  • the ability to filter products by specific crop types and active substances

  • need to assign parameters to several thousand products

  • difficulty in mapping active substances from external databases to products in CMS Magento


  • Analysis of data sources from and creation of appropriate Python scripts for data aggregation (searching for common sets at multi-component products, splitting String fields into parameterized values)

  • Creation of lightweight code for the presentation of attributes, also for the RWD version and possible for correct presentation on external sites that do not support CSS styles

  • Product mapping using AI to import parameters appropriately

  • Cyclic content updates via CRON

Customer needs analysis and implementation of Marketing Automation and User Reviews tools


  • Providing credible product and company reviews

  • Attractively graphical presentation of reviews

  • taking care of page speed

  • automating communication with the customer

  • increasing sales through user-generated content


  • extensive integration with tool using server tracking to protect transmitted data

  • multi-modular integration with TrustMate and creation of custom CSS styles for widgets

  • modification of boxed integrations so that they work properly in the Headless model (e.g. by appropriate change of links and modification of standard server communication with external tools)


We have proven that Headless works well in any industry, including the more traditional ones. We've achieved this through a highly optimized product management structure, the speed of the site under heavy load, and an industry-tailored way of presenting products.

Used technologies

We used a whole range of technologies in this project. If you like the effect, we can use them in your project too.

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