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The client approached us with the need to redesign one of the current websites into a business showcase of the company's idea - sharing high-end products as an employee benefit.

Based on the base graphic design, business needs and ideas, a functional, intuitive and lightweight site was created.

Project needs

  • graphic redesign

  • integration with existing Strapi

  • new functionalities

Our role in the project

  • implementation of graphic changes according to the mockup

  • expansion of the current integration

  • implementation of new functionalities

  • arrangement and development of data structure

Most interesting functionalities


Gleevery sets itself apart in the market by allowing employees to co-create benefits. The platform makes it easy to vote on interesting product proposals. We have implemented separate flow and checkouts for the voting and hiring process. They are linked by a common ThankYouPage with the ability to return to the product catalog.


Rent instead of buy. Fast, intuitive product rental flow. Rental time is determined by the user using a functional slider. Thanks to the integration with Strapi, the data from the forms are collected in appropriate tables and linked to the products selected by the customer. All forms are bundled with email notifications.

Adding products

For customers who have not found interesting product suggestions, we have implemented the function of adding your own suggestions.

Employer subsidy

We have implemented a new functionality - employer surcharge. It allows you to reduce the monthly rental amount of the selected product.

Design refresh

We refreshed the appearance of the site according to the mockup made at InVision.

The system used - Strapi - was upgraded to version 4.12.

We improved the addition of banners and their management.

Used technologies

We used a whole range of technologies in this project. If you like the effect, we can use them in your project too.

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