Shoes repair dropoff/pickup service

3rd party service in Żabka stores

Clean your shoes now


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shoe cleaning and repair services


The client woshwosh approached us with the need to create a functional mock-up of a dedicated sales page in accordance with Żabka's corporate guidelines, implement the necessary integrations and production deployment of the site.

Project needs

  • Custom sales page on the Żabka website, in line with corporate guidelines

  • Integration with payment system with support for mobile native payments

  • CMS for content management

  • integration with order processing system

Our role in the project

  • design of a functional mock-up according to the guidelines

  • integration with Baselinker system

  • integration with pickuppoint widget

  • integration with payment systems

  • production deployment

Key requirements

Order processing

Integration with Baselinker and the customer's internal order record system


Google Analytics 4 implementation & consent management platform

Maintaining the project

Long-term technical support. Updating systems, project maintenance.

Dedicated LP

Dedicated sales page on Żabka's corporate subdomain

Key features

Easy and intuitive service selection.

Beautifully designed tiled product selection module, integrated into a step checkout. Fully responsive design at every step.

Convenient selection of the dropoff and pickup point.

Integration with the pickuppoints widget allows you to conveniently choose the Żabka store where the package will be sent and picked up.

On-site, convenient payments.

BLIK, Przelewy24, payment card - pay how you want, conveniently, securely, without unnecessary redirects to external payment providers

Used technologies

We used a whole range of technologies in this project. If you like the effect, we can use them in your project too.

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