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The client was looking for a solution to efficiently and stably manage an innovative fashion rental project. We took over the project completely from the previous contractor.

We identified considerable deficiencies in functionality, mainly in the area of automation of data exchange in the logistics process and in the accessibility of the site on mobile devices.

Project needs

  • functionality of creative fitting

  • rental for different number of days - reservation and calendar management

  • various forms of pickup/delivery

  • dedicated frontend

  • use of modern technologies

Our role in the project

  • pre-implementation audit

  • website mockup

  • implementation of the frontend in vuestorefront.io technology

  • configuration of Magento 2 and integrations with ERP and PIM

  • creation and maintenance of server architecture

  • creation of fitting functionality

  • creation of fashion subscriptions functionality

  • web analytics + GA4

Key requirements

Mobile Payments

Enabling native mobile payments. Over 90% of store users is using an iPhone

Fashion First

Lightweight, fashion UX of the site, with large photos and product video. Style inspired by trends from the US and Australia


Transfer of product base from previous custom eCommerce engine

Long-term maintenance

Developer support and implementation of new solutions

Most interesting functionalities

Tailoring the open source code to meet cutting-edge business requirements. Making many functionalities as additional custom Magento 2 modules and extending the VueStorefront code.

PWA mobile-first frontend

Fast and efficient frontend focused on running on phones. Full resource scaling optimization, CDN, multi-tier cache.

Integration with Vimeo PRO

Presentation of the creation by the use of short videos. Thanks to this, clients have full information about the appearance and plasticity of the product on the model. The challenge was to load the videos quickly, without overloading the site, hence the choice of a white-label solution from Vimeo.

Integration with Vimeo PRO

The challenge was to load the videos quickly, without overloading the site, hence the choice of a white-label solution from Vimeo.

Creation Rentals

We extended Magento with the Rental module. Due to the use of a headless frontend, we extended the Magento API and prepared the frontend accordingly, creating, for example, a calendar that allows the selection of rental dates from among the available dates, and the appropriate blocking of days allocated for logistics.

Fashion subscription = recurring payments

The ability to purchase an auto-renewable subscription that allows you to rent creations for the subscription points collected. Subscription points in this implementation do not transfer to the next subscription period. We use custom integration with Stripe for auto-images.

Buy pre-owned

We have expanded the service to enable buying and selling fashion gems at attractive prices. Among other things, the implementation required integration with PIM Akeneo, creation of a dynamic form for inserting sold products, separation of the shopping cart logic, changes to the product cards. The result was a lightweight and functional marketplace.

The idea of such a service as E-Garderobe seems unusual, but only on the surface. When you think about it, you can come to the conclusion that such a model makes sense especially with regard to the world of clothing. There are simply too many fashion collections and brands to be able to buy everything. It's better to rent.

Karina Sobiś, CEO

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We have proven that Headless will perform perfectly even with the most innovative ideas. The result is a fast, lightweight fashion site that achieves excellent analytical results.

Technologies used

We used a whole range of technologies in this project. If you like the effect, we can use them in your project too.

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