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Development of Business and Marketing Strategy .


Business model

We will advise you on how to arrange a business and monetize it

We will suggest how to build growth through customer acquisition and retention


Selection of marketing channels

We will suggest what channels in your business should show a satisfying ROI

We will select tools for marketing


Growth based on knowledge

We analyze the market and your competition so that you do not make their mistakes

We will tell you what business decisions to take based on the analysis of your internal data (Data-Mining)

What are you gaining?

You will increase brand awareness

We will present you a new strategy to build the visibility of your company on the web.

Opinion of people outside the company

Sometimes it is worth looking at your own business from the side and escape from your daily routine. With the help of external consultants you can achieve it much faster.

Recommendations of the latest solutions

We love technological novelties. We will be happy to tell you about them and incorporate them into your company's strategy. PUSH notifications, marketing automation are just the tip of the iceberg of our ideas!

Acquiring B2B partners

We have many proven methods of building a B2B database and maintaining relationships with partners. Discover the tools and channels we use.

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