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Food supplements


The client needed to create an online store from scratch for selling dietary supplements.

Project needs

  • project mockup

  • creating a fully functional sales website

  • integration with payment system

  • easy order management

  • integration with shipping methods and pickup points

Our role in the project

  • creating a functional mockup

  • selection and implementation of appropriate technologies and tools

  • systems integration

  • project implementation

Key requirements

Project mockup

Creating a functional project mockup based on the client's vision. Attention to UX and UI.


Complete project implementation.

Product subscription

Products will be automatically delivered to the customer according to a predefined schedule.

Project maintenance

Technical support, project maintenance, system updates.

Key features

Product management

All product information such as title, subtitle, description, single product price, and product relationships have been migrated to Storyblok. This enables convenient management of both content and products from a single location on the website.

Recurring payments

Integration with Stripe enables selling products through monthly deliveries. With the subscription system, the customer doesn't need to place a new order every month. Payments are automatically collected, and the subscription can be easily canceled at any time.


Storyblok allows for running a website in multiple languages without the need for additional development.


It allows customers to make payments in their preferred currency, enhancing comfort and transaction efficiency.

Used technologies

In this project, we utilized a full spectrum of technologies. If you like the result, we can also use them in your project.

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