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June 5, 2023

Discount codes - a way to attract customers.

Promotional codes are one of the most sought-after items in the Polish e-commerce industry. From the consumer's point of view, the money saved on purchases can influence the choice of a particular online store. How to persuade a customer to buy? How to encourage the customer to use the offer? For an online store, promotions and discounts are a key tool. Opinion polls show that an attractive price is the most important factor in choosing an e-commerce offer, and up to 90% of people who buy online look for price bargains.

Discount code or promotion

Promotions in the form of coupons give companies the opportunity to gain customer loyalty, as those who take advantage of these offers are more likely to return to a particular store. Coupons and vouchers can take different forms, such as a discount code to be entered when placing an order or a voucher to be used on a subsequent transaction. If the offer is limited in time or quantity, it makes customers feel motivated to take advantage of it quickly. In an online store, discount codes and coupons are among the most commonly used marketing tools.

On the other hand, special offers aimed at regular customers are one of the tools for maintaining their loyalty.

The purpose of the promotion is to attract customers and encourage them to buy. As a result, more people will take advantage of the offer, generating more profits. To this end, discount codes and vouchers can be used to give customers access to discounts, free delivery or other bonuses at the online store.

Discount coupons usually offer three types of discounts: a fixed amount that reduces the value of the shopping cart, a percentage discount on the product or order value, or a free product or service (e.g., two for one price, free shipping, gift wrapping, promotional gadgets, etc.).

When determining the amount of the discount, keep in mind the balance so that the final price is neither too high nor too low. A mere 1 percent discount won't entice a customer, but 60 percent already sounds like a sale. Usually the discounts offered are between 5 and 20 percent.

The goal: to attract customers

If store owners decide to offer discount codes or other benefits to their prospective buyers, they are eliminating some of the elements that might scare them away from befriending a particular brand. It can be said that at the expense of some of its income, the store is taking the risk that the customer faces when deciding on a new brand. This attitude also contributes to strengthening the new customer's trust in the brand from the very beginning, which lays the groundwork for a long-term relationship and subsequent purchases from the online store.

Another plus of discounts and sales campaigns is the reduction of losses resulting from unsold product inventory. By offering a product at a discount, the retailer reduces the risk of having to dispose of backlogged goods or sell them below cost. In addition, space is freed up in the warehouse, which can be used to store new, more sought-after products.

Discount coupon sites

According to market experience, pursuing a strategy with coupon sites works to develop sales and gain new customers. Customers who use coupons look for discount codes on sites are often the last phase in the purchasing process, making these sites a very useful tool in the customer acquisition process. Consider offering promotions in the form of discounts, rebates, promotional coupons that can entice new customers to take advantage of your brand's offerings.

From the customer's point of view, sites that offer coupons contribute to a more satisfied shopping experience. A customer who has found and used a discount code himself experiences a certain joy and satisfaction when he sees the value of the shopping cart decrease and the price to be paid lower.

Advantages of such sites:

  • Coupon sites specialize in converting potential customers into buyers. This means that the target audience visiting such sites has a higher conversion rate than those on other portals.

  • Discount code sites attract a large audience.

  • They are selected in a segment of users, and analysis and testing are carried out on them, which allows personalized offers to advertisers.

  • Websites offering discount codes provide a chance to attract new customers and increase profits from buyers by offering them unique discounts.

  • It also increases brand awareness and visibility.

Lawful discounts

Legislation (the so-called Omnibus Directive) now requires retailers to inform customers of the actual amount of a product's price reduction. Therefore, they must collect a large amount of data and ensure that it is properly presented on the screen. Our team has developed and implemented appropriate tools and graphical modifications, which is an additional benefit for our users - our proprietary widget shows the history of the price change of a given product in an easy-to-read graph form. This obligation applies to a universally announced, all-encompassing price reduction. If you only use individual promotional codes, unique for each of your customers, you do not need to apply this directive.

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