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Furniture for children


The client needed support in seamlessly linking order and delivery processes between customer - store - warehouse. Business growth resulted in the need for graphical and functional changes to the website and the need to implement business analytics and advanced reporting.


  • new design of the online store with the strong focus on product customizations

  • automating day-to-day processes

  • implementing real-time sales and margin reporting

  • advisory over marketing acrivities

Our role in the project

  • UX audit

  • creating a brand new website prototype in Figma

  • advanced automations using 3rd party APIs and Python

  • inplementing real time reporting in Power BI

  • implenting and integrating a low-code CRM

Key reguirements

The UX audit resulted in the creation of a new functional mock-up of the site from scratch, as well as changes regarding conversion optimization. We also supported the client with business analytics, Google Analytics 4 and Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Integration and support of logistics processes between Shopify, Zapier, Sendcloud, Airtable, warehouse system API and data parsed from emails.

Functional mockup of the project

Created from scratch based on the client's brief and the results of a UX audit.

Implementation and maintenance of automation processes

Automating data flow between Shopify API, Zapier, GSheets, 3rd Party APIs using lots of custom Python code.

Business analytics

Implementing web analytics, cost monitoring systems and real time data refresh in Power BI.

Conversion optimization

Data analysis resulting in a conversion oriented page prototype.

Most interesting functionalities

Furniture Customizer

The customer can choose the size of the bed, color, railings and drawers (depending on the model). Also, the same product page enables cross sell of linen and mattrasses and volume discounts.

Creating a micro CRM for the warehouse

Fast and efficient CRM built with Airtable, with custom PDF shipping slip generator. Fulltwo way integration with Shopify API and email notifications.

Used technologies

We used a whole range of technologies in this project. If you like the effect, we can use them in your project too.

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