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Online bookstore and convenient newspaper subscription with auto-payment


The project for the new version of the kultowy.pl bookstore involves the creation of one complete system for the sale of newspapers, e-products, renewable subscriptions, and dropshipping products such as cosmetics. The project was implemented with an emphasis on speed of operation, dedicated mobile views and a refreshed graphic format worthy of 2021.

Project requirements

  • recurring payments

  • ease of system integration

  • custom frontend

  • use of modern technologies

  • digital product sales

Our role in the project pre-implementation audit

  • website mockup

  • implementation of the frontend in vuestorefront.io technology

  • Multi Inventory Magento 2

  • two-way ERP integration

  • ongoing support in contacts with other suppliers

  • proprietary recurring payment system

  • web analytics + GA4

Key requirements

The project involved the creation from scratch of a complete sales system for newspapers, digital products like e-books and e-books, auto-renewable subscriptions, collections and dropshipping products like cosmetics.

The new service was to combine multiple departments and sales types into a seamless process that is user-friendly and maintains the best analytical metrics.

Digital products

Selling digital products.

Friendly UX

A completely new website design.

Recurring payments

Enabling the purchase of auto-renewable subscriptions to time periodicals.

Long-term maintenance

Developer support and project development.

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Key custom features

A huge amount of work went into implementing Multi Inventory Magento 2 and creating a proprietary auto-renewable payment system. This required the creation of custom Magento 2 modules and significant development of the VueStorefront code

Digital products

The service allows the purchase of digital products. E-books and e-books are downloaded by the customer from their account, which required significant backend and frontend development of this area.

Auto-renewable subscriptions

One of the key requirements was the ability to purchase auto-renewable, quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions to top press titles. This required the creation of a proprietary recurring payment tool, integrating it with the client's ERP system, frontend and marketing automation.

We modified the frontend code accordingly to meet the functional and visual requirements for this type of sales.

PWA mobile-first frontend

A fast and efficient frontend focused on running on phones. Full resource scaling optimization, CDN, multi-level cache.

kultowy.pl, as the official sales platform of Burda Media Polska publishing house, maintains the position of market leader in its segment. Our proposed solutions and new functionalities must meet this challenge.

The results

A highly functional and at the same time user-friendly sales site was created, combining the sale of single press and books, collector series, traditional and auto-renewable subscriptions, and digital products such as e-papers and e-books.

Technologies used

In this project we used the whole palette of technologies. If you like the effect, we can use them in your project too.

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