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The new website is not only visual corrections, it also includes new functionalities that we have introduced based on our experience and cooperation with clients. All this to simplify the advanced search of premises and automate the booking process.

First of all, we've made online reservations - functionality that shortens the way to organizing an event by half. Thanks to the online booking option, the restaurant can organize twice as many events, without the need for each time contact with the customer asking for dates and prices. Thanks to the cooperation with Google Calendar, all dates and reservations in the restaurant synchronize automatically with the data that will be displayed to the client, and additional options such as hostesses, open bar, catering, etc. will allow you to adjust the event to the customer in the first phase of its organization.

The premises finder has been equipped by us with additional filters of districts and categories of premises, thanks to which you can search for premises in selected areas and for concrete specifications, such as space, additional services, price, amenities. We have also implemented the addition of premises online - to add a new place to, you can use the extensive online form.

What did we do?

  • Coding the page

  • SEO optimization

  • GTM and GA - event analytics on the site

  • Marketing Automation

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