The PWA frontend for Magento

Vue Storefront, as an open source PWA frontend, designed with the headless approach, is the easiest way to make your Magento-based Commerce meet mobile-first standards.

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A headless PWA frontend for Magento Commerce

In a single installation, Vue Storefront enhances your eCommerce with all the features of Progressive Web Apps: lightning speed, offline capabilities, and a mobile-like look and feel.

  • Magento 2 Support

  • Magento 1 Support

  • Customizable for third-party platforms

Create beautiful PWA Storefronts for Magento

Vue Storefront enables merchants to compose a toolset of best-of-breed, API-first solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Setting the new standard for Magento

Search for a scalable solution for Magento with out-of-the-box features and functionalities that satisfy the needs of your growing business from day one.


Frees customization possibilities. With no license and vendor lock-in, you are the only owner of your site.

Progressive Web App

Provides shopping experiences like native apps while boosting site performance and customization possibilities.

Lightning fast

Thanks to SPA technology, the use of modern programming languages and an advanced caching system, you'll never wait for a page load ever again.

Headless and API-focused

API-first approach and modular architecture make you able to tailor-made your system to your business need.


A single app provides a unified user experience on different devices.

Native app functionalities

Mobile-first UX makes shopping smooth and easy.

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