Dedicated Magento 2 stores

Magento 2 is a robust eCommerce CMS with tons of possibilities.

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A headless PWA frontend for Magento Commerce

In a single installation, Vue Storefront enhances your eCommerce with all the features of Progressive Web Apps: lightning speed, offline capabilities, and a mobile-like look and feel.

  • Magento 2 Support

  • Magento 1 Support

  • Customizable for third-party platforms

Magento 2 key functionalities

Magento is a feature-rich platform that allows you to create unique stores for your customers. You need a lot of features to effectively manage your store's internal processes. Without extensive features, your store cannot handle complex ecommerce tasks. Magento features allow you to sell B2B and B2C through the same platform. You also get tools to personalize the shopping experience for your customers.

Magento has an extensive list of features that you can use to manage your store.

Catalog management

Magento provides tools to manage your product catalog. You can add products and create categories to quickly navigate through the store.

Product images and videos are rendered in different sizes. Users can see product images on multiple devices.

Allows you to add product types within the catalog. Product attributes help define product data.

You can also add scheduled price changes. Using advanced pricing tools, you can offer the best rates for products.

  • Catalog management features include:

  • Grouping products by size, color and more.

  • Creating multiple price points

  • Virtual product downloads

  • Product attributes

  • Automatic image resizing

  • Advanced pricing

  • Product tags and reviews

Marketing and Promotions

Magento offers native marketing features. This helps increase engagement and sales.

The shopping tool adds wishlists and reviews on product pages. This allows your customers to seamlessly interact with your store.

Promotion tools allow you to set pricing rules and discounts for products. You can add promotions for targeted customers, such as free shipping.

You can also create emails & newsletters about your products. You can also add social media accounts to your store.

Magento offers advanced search features such as Live Search. Catalog search and search terms ensure that users quickly find the right products.

Magento also provides SEO features for your site content. This helps you rank higher in SERPs and increase conversions.

  • Magento 2 marketing features include:

  • Related products, upsells & cross-sells

  • Discounts and coupons

  • Minimum advertised price

  • Recently viewed and compared products

  • New product promotion tool

  • Surveys and social media accounts

  • Free shipping options

  • Sending wish lists and blogs via email

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B2B functionalities

Inventory management involves multiple processes. You get advanced tools for single stores as well as multiple warehouses.

They come with pickup point locations and drop-off centers.

You can use the features to maintain product quantities. Allows you to manage orders efficiently.

Track inventory for available quantities and get shipping matching algorithms.

Order management helps with order flow and order processing. Invoice and shipment management module is available in the package.

You can design checkout processes and configure billing. These features help create a seamless order management flow.

  • Order management and inventory functions include:

  • Product quantities and source locations

  • Support for single and multiple sources

  • Add inventory and bulk actions

  • Manage shipments

  • Process orders from the administration panel

  • Create invoices and credit notes

  • Customize order status

  • Create reorders

  • Email notifications about orders

Headless Commerce

In headless ecommerce, the frontend and backend of the ecommerce store are separated. This allows building a personalized customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

The backend layer performs all the complex processes. You can customize the frontend without disturbing the backend system.

The API-based method allows you to create multiple storefronts.

The benefits of using headless commerce are:

  • Flexibility to build custom front-ends

  • Consistent branding across all channels

  • GraphQL API layer

  • Making changes to the frontend without having to update the backend.

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Magento offers multiple payment methods for store owners worldwide. Among the solutions are PayPal, Stripe, PayU, Przelewy24, Blik and native Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You can add multiple payment gateways to your store. You can also include built-in offline payment methods, such as Payment on Delivery.

Magento offers support for PCI Compliance guidelines.

You can securely pass your credit card data directly to the payment gateway. As a result, sensitive data bypasses Magento's system.

Payment and financing features:

  • Multiple payment methods that you can add to your store

  • PayPal credit as a payment option

  • Accept money orders

  • Accept bank transfer payments

  • Increase conversions with PayPal's smart payment buttons

  • Get PCI compliance guidelines

  • You can add secure payment gateways

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Magento Open Source features make it easy to turn tracking data into visual reports. The reporting feature gives you metrics about your ecommerce site.

You can check sales reports, customer behavior and so on. The admin dashboard gives you an overview of reports for quick analysis.

Business Intelligence gives you real-time data insights. See retention rates & sales reports on the dashboard.

You can drive value from data & improve the buying experience. Provides a place for centralized analytics & removes data challenges.

Reporting capabilities include:

  • Google Analytics

  • Sales and tax reports

  • Top viewed products

  • Low inventory and wanted items report

  • Sales invoice totals

  • Abandoned shopping carts report

  • Admin dashboard provides an overview of reports

  • Magento Commerce Business Intelligence features:

  • Customize business metrics

  • Add insights to your database

  • Ready-to-use reports for data visualization

  • Schedule and send analytics via email

Setting the new standard for Magento

Search for a scalable solution for Magento with out-of-the-box features and functionalities that satisfy the needs of your growing business from day one.


Frees customization possibilities. With no license and vendor lock-in, you are the only owner of your site.

Progressive Web App

Provides shopping experiences like native apps while boosting site performance and customization possibilities.

Lightning fast

Thanks to SPA technology, the use of modern programming languages and an advanced caching system, you'll never wait for a page load ever again.

Headless and API-focused

API-first approach and modular architecture make you able to tailor-made your system to your business need.


A single app provides a unified user experience on different devices.

Native app functionalities

Mobile-first UX makes shopping smooth and easy.

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